Mister Global England 2018

The winner of Mister Global England 2018 is Simon Warren. Simon is a 27-year-old claims handler from the North West area of England. Simon would have been the second ever representative from England to compete at Mister Global. 

Simon entered the Mr England competition representing as Mr Cheshire and was chosen to represent England at Mister Global in 2018. Simon also won the Mr Talent title at the Mr England competition showing off his skills as a fire-breather. During his time as Mr Cheshire Simon organised many charity events including superhero days at his workplace, coffee mornings and sponsored fancy dress walks up one of the UK’s largest mountains. 

Simon’s goals as Mister Global England are focused on helping the people around him and carrying on the work of his predecessor;

I want to carry on the work that Chris has done before me. He has shown that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. You don’t need fame or fortune to make a difference in the world, a little bit of effort and compassion goes a long way”.

Simon has walked in the Southport fashion show, modelled for Oddballs charity and various other modelling campaigns. 

Before Simon was due to leave the UK to compete in Mister Global, personal circumstances meant he was unable to attend the grand final in Thailand. Simon retained the title of Mister Global England for his year reign and made appearances at regional events in the North West of England.

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