Mister Global is an annual competition founded in 2014. Since the first edition, 44 countries have sent their representative to the contest. The first edition of the Mister Global competition was held at Pak Chong, Thailand on March 27, 2014. 

England sent their first representative, Christopher Bramell, to the 2017 edition of Mister Global. Chris placed 2nd runner-up overall in the competition.

Mister Global supports men from around the globe through its influence on entertainment, fashion and eco-conscience. The competition motivates every man to be their personal best, self-assured, and personify the company’s goal of having handsomeness, attitude, and intelligence.

The men who participate in Mister Global yearly inspire others to make an impact in their social causes. The Mister Global competition provides the winner and contestants a global platform through the committed partnerships with companies, sponsors, and brands. During his reign, the winner is given the tools to help them personally and professionally enhance others by providing charitable efforts to affect positive change, all while increasing awareness of environmental causes.

Contestants spend up to two-weeks at the competition where they are involved in many activities while at the host country learning new skills, gaining confidence and being an ambassador for their home countries. 

Throughout the competition, contestants are judged in four main categories: fashion wear, swimwear, evening wear, and an interview. Contestants are also judged on a range of other categories such as physique, talent, national dress, and congeniality.

Due to personal circumstances, the 2018 Mister Global England was unable to attend the grand final but retained his title for the full year. The search for Mister Global England 2018 is now on!